Why You Should Call a Lawyer on Your Insurance Claim

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If you’re ever in an accident or hurt and you need to file an insurance claim, you need to call an attorney to assist you. You might think you can handle it yourself, and the insurance companies would love nothing better than for you to do so.

In fact, the Insurance Research Council conducted a study about claims and payouts in cases where an attorney was involved. What they found is pretty interesting. Here are five reasons the insurance company’s themselves recommend hiring an attorney over going it alone.

The 5 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer After an Accident


If you’ve ever tried to read your insurance policy then I’m sure you’ll agree that it is complicated. At first, it seems as if everything is covered, and then you read deeper and it looks like nothing is covered. Having an attorney by your side can help. We can walk you through the clauses and explain to you where you are covered and where you aren’t and help you get the coverage and the compensation you deserve.

Additionally, our lawyers have been through the injury process with others in the past. We understand the steps that need to be taken and the deadlines that need to be met. We can make sure that any paperwork is filed with the courts on time and ensure that they include every necessary provision. These are just a few items that your insurance company isn’t likely to remind you about, and will not necessarily help you with. We’re here to make sure everything happens in the proper timeline.


When you’re represented by an attorney you’re more likely to get the treatment you need to get better. An attorney who has dealt with similar injuries may know physicians and therapists who have dealt with similar injuries. Your attorney will also try to keep you accountable to the treatment schedule and work with you’re doctors to make sure you’re showing up to your appointments, meaning you’re likely to get better faster.


One of the areas where your attorney can represent you beyond talking to the insurance company is in helping negotiate the rates you’ll pay to your doctors. Our offices have seen reductions of up to 70% of the original bills. In fact, in one recent case, the physician wrote-off the entire amount. Often your attorney can get your medical bills similarly lowered after the settlement so you won’t have to pay as high a rate as you would normally, leaving more in your pocket.


One area that isn’t often mentioned is the insurance companies’ payment for your lost wages and income. While this is usually a part of the policy, if you’re representing yourself, you might not know to ask, or may not ask for enough. For those who don’t have representation, the average compensation is $1.26 for every $1 of lost income. For those with an attorney, the average compensation is $1.59 for every $1 of lost income.


Beyond repayment of lost income, and the decrease of your medical bills, having an attorney increases the overall settlement amounts for those who hire a lawyer over those who don’t. In fact, those represented by an attorney receive payouts between 27% and 48% higher than those without one. While money isn’t the only factor in hiring an attorney, additional funds can assist you in paying off some of the bills and debts you may incur during your recovery.

Protect Your Interests and Your Future. Hire an Attorney.

If you were in an accident, having an attorney is important. Not only can a lawyer walk you through the process, but they can make sure you don’t miss anything and that you get the best treatment and results possible. No one can promise to get you back to 100% after an injury, but an attorney can help you make sure you’re on the right track.

If You’ve Been Injured, We Can Help.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, then you need to talk to an attorney who can assist. Contact our Personal Injury Attorneys today to ensure you have the recovery and the compensation you deserve.