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Rebecca Blechman, Esq.

Rebecca Blechman was born and raised right here in Orlando, Florida.  From a very young age her parents instilled in her a passion for law and justice.  After graduating from Winter Park High School, she left Central Florida for the first time in her life to attend Florida State University. 

After that, rather than going straight into law school, Rebecca went all the way to South Korea to teach English for a year.  While there, Rebecca witnessed human trafficking first-hand in Southeast Asia, and knew that it was time for her to return to Orlando and get back into the legal profession to help make a difference in her Central Florida community as an attorney.


Manuel Soto-Diaz, Esq. 

Save the three years he lived in Puerto Rico, Manuel Soto-Diaz is a Floridian through and through.  He has lived as far west as St. Petersburgh and as far south as Miami, but the overwhelming time of his residence in this State has been in Central Florida - mostly in Deltona, Volusia County’s largest city. 

After graduating from Deltona High School, he attended Florida Memorial University, where he studied Political Science and Public Administration.

Heather M. Trick, Esq.
As an accomplished Public Defender, Heather represented thousands of clients charged with everything from Criminal traffic violations to sex related offenses.  

After over 4 years as a government attorney, she entered private practice where she has been focusing on criminal law as well as using the experience she's gained fighting for her client's best interests to expand her work to Family Law cases and academic hearings.

Jordan M. Ostroff, Esq.

As a former prosecutor for the Ninth Judicial Circuit
in Orlando, Jordan spent years mastering the
prosecution of virtually all crimes ranging from petty
​thefts to aggravated assaults and attempted murders.

The years spent working with law enforcement officers and learning how to prosecute these types of cases has become an invaluable tool he now uses to represent his clients.  He's also an accomplished Trial Team Coach and uses those same skills to help prepare students for their academic hearings.

For people in Orange, Seminole, Brevard, Osceola, Sumter, Volusia County and elsewhere, 

finding the right Criminal Defense Attorney, Family Law Attorney, or Student Code of Conduct

Hearing Attorney can be a difficult task.
Our attorneys have grown up in Florida, and have always practiced in this area.  We use the

knowledge and experience we've gained as government attorneys to represent our clients in Criminal Law Cases, Family Law Cases, and Academic Hearings throughout Central Florida.  

If you're looking for a team of attorneys who will keep you informed, care about you and your case and who you can trust to represent you before the court, you've come to the right place.

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