There is nothing worse than having a case against an insurance company and no one is responding or working your claim. In dealing with insurance companies, you need a whole lot of patience because everything has to go through a process, and everything takes time. If you have an attorney who is working with you, the process will be easier because they have the time and resources to spend when it comes to taking an insurance company. But what if your lawyer has left the firm and you find out that there is no one working the case from the insurance company, should you contact the insurance company yourself?

If you have the time to do it, you can contact the insurance company yourself just to get an update on how your case is going. Going this route will be time-consuming so be prepared to have a lot of patience in the matter. To get a better outcome, it is to your advantage to talk to a personal injury lawyer in the Orlando area first so that you will be aware of what your rights are and what you should do next.

Read along as we discuss what to do in this situation and what steps you must do to get your claim resolved.

Why should you hire another personal injury lawyer?

It is in your best interest to hire a personal injury lawyer in the Orlando area so that they can correspond to your insurance company. Hiring a new one after your previous one left the firm can be a stressful and daunting experience, but it is needed to have a fruitful outcome in your case. 

Having a lawyer on your side can help with the claim process and will relieve the burden and stress on yourself and your family. Keep in mind that insurance companies only have one thing in mind and that is to protect their interests. 

If you were to talk to the insurance company yourself, there might be things that you say that can be used against you which is why it is important to have a personal injury lawyer do the talking instead. Your lawyer will know what terminology to use and what tactics to do to get cooperation from the insurance companies.

What to do when no one is responding to your claim?

It can be a frustrating time when an insurance company is unable to work or respond to your claim. Here are some of the things that you can do if this is happening to you:

  • Hire a personal injury lawyer

You already have a lawyer working on the case but they unexpectedly left the firm and now you are on your own in trying to deal with the insurance company. This can be discouraging but there’s no way to avoid doing this especially if you have an ongoing claim. 


Having the expertise of a personal injury lawyer will ensure that you are following the right course of action which will yield results in your favor. In choosing a personal injury lawyer in the Orlando area, it is important to choose one who will advocate for your needs and work with you so that you can get your claim resolved.


  • Follow up

Filing a claim is not the end of your ordeal but rather the start of it. Some people think that once the claim is filed, there is nothing else that can be done and that the ball is in the insurance company’s court. This cannot be further than the truth. Constantly following up with your claim is important. It is common for insurance claim handlers to be reassigned and sometimes some claims fall in the cracks. 


If you haven’t heard from the insurance company for a few weeks, you should follow up with a phone call. If you are unable to talk to someone, leaving a detailed message is important. Escalating your issue to a supervisor or manager can also be instrumental in getting your claim moving if all else fails.



  • Do not give in to pressure

Insurance companies are known for using delaying tactics to pressure the claimant into settling. If you are given an option to settle, you should run this by your lawyer to make sure that what you are getting is justifiable. 


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