Drivers and vehicle owners pay their auto insurance premiums in trust that they will get a fair claim payout if needed. Unfortunately, many customers learn too late that insurers are only concerned about profit despite being legally required to follow state and federal laws to act in good faith. 


Failure to follow these regulations and purposely denying or delaying a claim is grounds for a Seminole County personal injury attorney to file a bad faith insurance claim on your behalf. Trust (firm name here) to step in and ensure you get fairly compensated for the injuries you suffered because of another’s negligence.

An Explanation of Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Bad faith insurance claims come from contract disputes. If a policyholder causes a crash or injury, a personal injury claim is initiated. The policy’s contract will prevent direct negotiation between the at-fault party and the injured party. The policyholder must take the insurer’s offer, who is in the best position to know and consider all of the insurance options available.


In a Florida Bad Faith Claim, the at-fault party must meet its obligations without good reason. If this is not done, the company can be held responsible for the bad faith claim. These claims can lead to a far more significant than anticipated award against the at-fault party and excess coverage insurance. The company itself is responsible for paying the extra coverage.


The most common reasons behind bad faith claims:


  • They are not processing claims on time. Insurers must complete claim processing without unnecessary delays.
  • Policy cancellations. Policy cancellations are a common practice in death benefit claims. Our Seminole County injury attorneys have dealt with insurers that immediately look for any misrepresentation or error that could void our clients’ policies. Sometimes it’s as innocent as a misspelled name despite having accepted premiums without a problem.
  • They are misrepresenting the policy. Some insurers will do everything in their power to avoid paying out claims, like misconstruing available coverage. Many policies use complicated language that only benefits the insurer. However, the rules are set, so any ambiguity is on the side of the policyholder. An experienced Seminole County lawyer can help with this.
  • Ambiguous policy language. Insurance policies can be written with all sorts of exclusions. If the exclusion is unclear, the decision should be in favor of the claimant.
  • They deny payment for a valid claim without good reason. Insurers have to pay for valid claims and provide a reasonable explanation when they refuse. Failure to do so is denying the claim in bad faith. Making a low-ball offer without justification is also a bad faith move.
  • Making low-ball offers without justification. Insurance companies often try to persuade injury victims to settle for much less than their claims are worth. They do this strictly for the benefit of their bottom line.


Bottom line, when you’re filing a personal injury claim, you could be a victim of bad faith insurance practices. Prevent this from happening with the help of an experienced Seminole County personal injury lawyer. Having a legal advocate on your side will ensure you are protected from shady practices that insurers may try.

Can I File Bad Faith Claims Against Multiple Parties?

You can file bad faith insurance claims against any insurer, not just auto insurers or for personal injury compensation. The duty to act in good faith applies to all kinds of insurances. Unfortunately, the best way to determine if your claim was denied or delayed while acting in bad faith is to document every interaction with adjusters and representatives. Then, consult an experienced Seminole County personal injury attorney, who may have experience with bad faith claims. The sooner you do this, the easier it will be to file a suit.

Don’t Face the Insurance Companies Alone

When you’ve sustained injuries in an accident caused by the reckless actions of another person or company, it’s important to get sound legal advice before making any decisions. Jordan Law has represented countless personal injury victims in Seminole County and provided sound advice and representation against uncooperative insurers. 


Our team of attorneys always put your best interests and well-being first in everything we do on your behalf. You never have to worry about the status of your case or be left with unanswered questions. We are always available to speak with you about your concerns. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about what rights you have to compensation.