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Rebecca Blechman

​       Co-Mediation is a neutral, simplified process which is best for spouses (or families) who
need some assistance in reaching an agreement. Co-Mediation involves two or more mediators
working with the parties to provide such assistance. Of these mediators, one is a therapist, whose
purpose is to help identify ideas and goals to keep the process flowing, and an attorney, whose
purpose is to provide assistance via her knowledge of the legal requirements. The therapist is not
to provide therapy, and the attorney is not to provide legal advice. Neither party is represented by
an attorney, rather, each party appears pro se (self-represented).

  June 5, 2018


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Co-Mediation has many benefits. It is one of the best opportunities to enable the parties to have control over the best decisions for their families, rather than leaving these decisions

up to a judge, who may not understand the special intricacies of each family. The co-mediators will work with the parties until all issues can be resolved, and will send the parties on their way with copies of their agreements to file with the court, and instructions on how to do so.

Co-Mediation has financial benefits as well. A typical co-mediation session costs $1,500
for three hours. (Please note, this does not include the court filing fees, which are typically
around $400.) Compare that to the cost of a traditional divorce, where each party hires an
attorney, pays the attorney to draft and file all of the necessary court documents, then pays each
attorney to engage in discovery, where each party is required to disclose their recent financial
history, then possibly have to pay the attorney for any further motions or hearings – it can all add
up quickly. In Co-Mediation, the parties come together to resolve their issues and typically
come to a full resolution in no more than two co-mediation sessions. The legal paperwork is

drafted up for the parties during the mediation session, allowing the parties to remain in control of the

outcome throughout the process.

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Co-Meditation - For Families Who Need a Friendly Hand

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