Dogs are great pets and are called Man’s Best Friend for a reason because they will be your companion for many years to come. It is not common for dogs to bite other people but what happens when your dog bites a neighbor’s dog at your property? Will you be held responsible?

In most states, dogs are treated as “personal property” and if your dog bites a neighbor’s dog – this equates to damaged personal property and should be treated as such. If something you own leads to damage on another party’s possessions, you are technically responsible for this because you should be in control of your dog at all times especially if this happens on your property. 

But there are many different factors to consider in this case before we can pinpoint if you are responsible for this. Read along as we discuss in detail whether you are responsible if your dog bites a neighbor’s dog on your property. 

What are the exceptions to the rule?

If your dog bites a neighbor’s dog on your property, you are responsible for this since the dog is your personal property and should be under your watch at all times. The fact that this happened on your property is not helping your case either because you should be properly looking after your property as well. 

But every situation is different and there are several exceptions to this rule like the following examples:

  • Trespassing situations

If the dog’s owner is illegally trespassing on your property or he is committing a crime on your property then you are not responsible.

  • Self-defense

If your dog is being taunted, abused, or attacked by the person accompanying the other dog, then you are not responsible.

What damages are you facing when your dog bites another dog?

The monetary damages can add up in this case. It can comprise veterinary bills, surgery costs, and other expenses related to the injury. If the dog is a service animal, training costs can also be included as part of the damages. It is possible that since the incident happened on your property, your homeowner’s insurance can cover the liability. You might be able to file a claim for the damages through a property damage claim.

What should you do when your dog bites a neighbor’s dog on your property?

It can be a complicated situation when this happens because it is very confusing and you need proper guidance to navigate this situation. Here are some of the things that you should do:

  • Write down important information 

Witnessing your dog bites another dog is a traumatizing event but it is important to write down all the important information surrounding the incident so that you can best remember it. Writing it down is best when the memory is still fresh. You should also take into account if there are any witnesses to the incident and their contact information just in case additional information is needed from them. 

  • Takes pictures and video

Finding the person at fault in this scenario can be confusing because it can turn into a he-said, she-said situation especially if there are no other witnesses around. This is the reason why it is important to have photos and videos of the aftermath of the dog bite to help support the case. 

  • Contact a personal injury lawyer in Orlando

A personal injury lawyer located in Central Florida is your best bet in this situation. Personal injury lawyers are experts in this field and can best advise you on the next steps that you should be taking. It is important that when you are confronted by your neighbor to not admit fault before you talk to a personal injury lawyer. 

One of the first things that need to get established in these cases is negligence. When a dog bites another dog and causes injury, the dog owner is considered negligent for failing to fulfill their duty of care. If the negligent owner is found to be at fault, they are responsible for damages. 

  • File a claim through your homeowner’s insurance

Since the incident happened at your property, it is oftentimes covered by your homeowner’s insurance and you can file a property damage claim. Certain breeds might be excluded from your coverage so it is best to talk to your insurance agent. 

If your dog bites a neighbor’s dog on your property, contact Jordan Law today!

Having your dog bite another dog is a traumatizing event and can have consequences. You can best protect yourself by contacting Jordan Law. Our expertise in this situation will benefit you and help you navigate this confusing time. We will ensure that your rights are protected and you will not be taken advantage of especially if the other party is thinking about suing. Contact us today for a consultation!