A Jacksonville man, Cedric Jelks, earlier this week sat down on a gun. The resulting gunshot went through his penis and he was rushed to the hospital by Shanekia Roberts.

While there is a lot to unpack in how exactly someone sitting alone in a Nissan Altima shoots themselves in the junk, the bigger issue is that Mr. Jelks is a convicted felon. As a felon, his owning a gun is illegal. But that assumes he owns the gun.

The question we pose is whether he can be charged for gun ownership at all. Is his shooting himself enough to tip off police to his owning a gun or would he have to admit gun ownership in order to be charged?

If he were to choose the Jordan Law firm to represent him, our defense would include his keeping quiet about who owned the weapon. As a felon, we’re sure that it isn’t registered in his name. Is it possible that he was unaware the gun was in the car? Could is Ms. Robert’s gun and she never informed him of it?

If the State Attorneys do choose to charge him on Felony Weapons Possession he is looking at a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 years in prison. All because he shot himself…IN…THE…PENIS!