Glen Marie Hamilton of Big Brothers Big Sisters or Central Florida

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida

On this Giving Tuesday, we’d like to take a moment to highlight a cause that is near and dear to our hearts here at Jordan Law. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida helps take care of kids and parents alike. By offering children with a role model who can show them a path in life other than those they see around them, they can help guide them onto a better path.

As one of the board members of BBBS, Jordan has taken an active role in the growth of the organization. In this episode, he sat down with Glen Marie Hamilton, the CEO of BBBS Central Florida.

Take a listen, and don’t forget to help out on this Giving Tuesday.

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Episode 29: Glen Marie Hamilton of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida – Full Transcript

Narrator 0:03
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Jordan Ostroff 0:59
Hello and welcome to “Let’s Get Up to Business” with Jordan Law. Today is a very special day on our podcast. This will be dropping on Giving Tuesday. Joining me today is the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida, Glen Marie Hamilton. Thank you so much for being on here.

Glen Marie Hamilton 1:15
Thank you so much for having me.

Jordan Ostroff 1:17
So tell us a little about yourself.

Glen Marie Hamilton 1:19
Yeah, so I’m CEO for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida. I’ve been with Big Brothers Big Sisters about six years. I started off in Tallahassee, go Noles. And, and as soon as I started working for Big Brothers Big Sisters, I knew that this was the job for me. Mentoring is so important in my life and has played a big role and I actually became a big sister in Tallahassee and Jade is now 19. And at the end of December will be graduating at 19 years old from the Florida Correction, Corrections Officer Academy.

Jordan Ostroff 1:57

Glen Marie Hamilton 1:57

Jordan Ostroff 1:59
That’s awesome.

Glen Marie Hamilton 1:59
She’s a tough one. She’s very dedicated.

Jordan Ostroff 2:02
And that’s one of the few ways to stay safe in Tallahassee.

Glen Marie Hamilton 2:04

Jordan Ostroff 2:06
Just kidding. So obviously, you know, shameless plug, shameless bias, I am on the board for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida. But we did do the Habitat for Humanity podcast first, so I just want to be aware that, you know, although Big Brothers Big Sisters is obviously one of my favorites, we didn’t give them too much preferential treatment for this. So tell us a little bit more about the, you know, I guess, well tell us a bit more about Big Brothers Big Sisters in general, because I would think that everybody would know us but you never know.

Glen Marie Hamilton 2:37
So Big Brothers Big Sisters, we are a one to one mentoring agency. So one child is matched with one mentor. We believe that the one on one mentoring is the most beneficial for a child. A lot of the youth that we serve, they’re facing adversity so it can be maybe a low income household, not doing too well in school. They just don’t have that role model in their lives. And so through Big Brothers Big Sisters, we provide a mentor to the child that in turn, helps them with their grades helps them with their behaviors, whatever it is that they need help with. We want them to be matched at least a year, so we felt that on a national level, that is a requirement. So we felt that that is the best outcomes for the youth, but we actually have some matches that are 10, 12 years so it’s pretty awesome.

Jordan Ostroff 3:32
The age range that we’re focusing on is, what? Six to 16?

Glen Marie Hamilton 3:35
Yeah, so we match between six and 16 but we will keep a match open until the little graduates from high school.

Jordan Ostroff 3:42
Okay, so we could have, so it could really be 12 years, from six to 18. That’s amazing.

Glen Marie Hamilton 3:46

Jordan Ostroff 3:48
And then tell us a little bit more about the Central Florida chapter because obviously I know, you know, people I think know Big Brothers Big Sisters as a nationwide organization, but really, we are a much more local organization here.

Glen Marie Hamilton 3:58
Yeah. So nationally we’ve been around over 100 years but locally in Central Florida we serve five counties: Bervard, Lake, Seminole, Osceola and Orange. And we’ve been around 44 years, since 1975. We’ve served thousands and thousands of kids throughout the years, matching them with that one caring adult mentor in their lives.

Jordan Ostroff 4:23
How many matches do we currently have?

Glen Marie Hamilton 4:24
We have 210 current active matches.

Jordan Ostroff 4:28
And I know we have a very long waitlist.

Glen Marie Hamilton 4:30
Yes, we have about 305 on our waitlist right now.

Jordan Ostroff 4:33

Glen Marie Hamilton 4:34

Jordan Ostroff 4:35
So we could more than double our people with the right amount of funding.

Glen Marie Hamilton 4:38
Oh, yeah, of course. Of course.

Jordan Ostroff 4:40
Wink wink nudge nudge. It’s Giving Tuesday. Wink wink nudge nudge.

Unknown Speaker 4:43
Yeah, kids being matched with a mentor, you know, it’s not just their benefit right now. Like they’re doing, you know, better in school but also in the future. You know, they see what their bigs are doing, they see that their bigs are giving back. They see that their bigs are doing well. So we say that, yes, it helps with their grades and their behavior now, but we also say that, you know, these littles are their future leaders, their future employers, business owners, entrepreneurs, so it’s really an investment into their future.

Jordan Ostroff 5:13
Well, it’s so crazy to hear you know, the, the positive feedback that we get because you know, it’s everything from you know, yesterday the mom saying she’s so thankful that her kid now cleans their room once a week so you can hang out. But then on the other side, you know, you’re seeing all these littles that have grown up- you know, we have a board member who was a little when he was a kid. You know, your little’s graduating from the Corrections Officer Academy, I mean, it’s just crazy to see how many people have really utilized the program to come full circle and now are able to help out and give back as bigs, as board members, as donors, as everything along those lines.

Glen Marie Hamilton 5:44
Yeah, we actually have- we sometimes receive emails of people that were littles you know, 15-20 years ago saying that they don’t remember the name of their big, seeing if we can somehow find them because they just want to tell them how grateful are because a lot of times the kids, they don’t realize at that age, the impact that the big is having, but it’s like later on in life that they’re like, oh, wow, like, this is where I, you know, I understand where hard work comes from or, you know, whatever because my big tried to instill that in me when I was younger, and I didn’t appreciate it back then.

Jordan Ostroff 6:20
Yeah. Well, you know, with, with time comes wisdom.

Glen Marie Hamilton 6:23
Yes, definitely.

Jordan Ostroff 6:24
So obviously you know, our podcast is geared towards business owners and so in an organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters, there’s a lot of things that an individual can do to help out. You know, I think one of the biggest ones would be volunteering to be a big so can you walk us through kind of that process and what that looks like having been a big yourself and now obviously, you know, running the organization?

Glen Marie Hamilton 6:42
Yeah, so our process to become a big, some people would say it’s a little in depth or rigorous but at the same time, child safety is always our number one priority.

Jordan Ostroff 6:54
Right, I mean, I’d hope it’s in depth. It’s a very thorough background check.

Glen Marie Hamilton 6:59
Yeah, so we, we do an orientation with our potential mentors. We have an hour and a half interview where we discuss many things, including some legal things, as you know, we’ve- if there’s been injunctions or DUIs or arrests and all that other fun stuff. We also

Jordan Ostroff 7:19
Nobody ruins everything like lawyers, don’t worry.

Glen Marie Hamilton 7:22
And then we also talk about family history, you know, because sometimes, like, as a volunteer, maybe lost a parent at a young age, maybe we could find that little that, you know, maybe is going through that same experience that the big could really identify with. And then after that hour and a half interview, we do an in depth background check. So that includes clerk of courts for every single county that you’ve lived in, in the last five years. We call references. Of course we check vehicle like records and driving history, fingerprints, all that other fun stuff. Make sure that our kiddos are safe. When we find a potential little for our volunteers, we call them, we let them know what their littles- what their potential littles like, we go off of interests and location. So, you know, 10 mile radius is typically are the, like, the farthest we’ll go. Because you need to start by coming over-

Jordan Ostroff 8:21
Between where they’re living?

Glen Marie Hamilton 8:22

Jordan Ostroff 8:23

Glen Marie Hamilton 8:24
Because, I mean, we serve five counties. Who, you know, people I’m sure don’t want to be living in Sanford with a little in Kissimmee, right? I mean, two hours.

Jordan Ostroff 8:32
I don’t know, Kissimmee’s got some really good food, maybe that’s-

Glen Marie Hamilton 8:36
Or vice versa. Um, so we really match, try to match, off of hobbies and interests and also life experiences because we really feel like that builds up, starts the foundation for a solid relationship. And then after they’re matched, we do something called Match Support. So we check in on them every single month, we call it Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring the Mentor. So we-

Jordan Ostroff 9:01
So you’re checking in with the big every month?

Glen Marie Hamilton 9:02
And the family.

Jordan Ostroff 9:03
And the family of the little?

Glen Marie Hamilton 9:04

Jordan Ostroff 9:05

Glen Marie Hamilton 9:05
Every single month and we check to see you know what activities they’ve been up to. We check to see- we ask so many child safety questions to the parent, to the little and to the big as well. And yeah, we’re kind of that sounding board if the bigs has needs, has any idea- needs ideas for what they want to do with their little or communication, whatever it is, you know, we’re always there for them. We’re not a nine to five traditionally with our matches, like you know, if it’s eight o’clock we’ll have a phone call with them. So that’s why we say like we make but also maintain that match because we do that match support aspect for the life of the match.

Jordan Ostroff 9:44
So the 305 person waiting list is that littles waiting for bigs? Or that’s bigs waiting for littles? That’s both?

Glen Marie Hamilton 9:51
That’s littles waiting for bigs.

Jordan Ostroff 9:53
Okay, so 305 littles waiting for bigs.

Glen Marie Hamilton 9:56
Across five counties, yes.

Jordan Ostroff 9:58
And I mean, obviously, they’re on the waiting list not because we can’t find bigs, they’re on the waiting list because of the the time and the money and the energy that takes to make sure the match is right?

Glen Marie Hamilton 10:07
Correct. Yeah, we each match support specialists, they have a caseload, we want to make sure that we, you know, we follow all protocols that they burzum America has in our guideline, so we each person has to have a caseload to make sure that we can properly take care of each match that we have.

Jordan Ostroff 10:27
And so I mean, is there a way to kind of break, obviously, it doesn’t necessarily cost money for the match, but it costs money for I guess, the background check, but then the employee to support the match, and then everything, you know, everything else associated with the match itself?

Glen Marie Hamilton 10:43
Correct, yeah.

Jordan Ostroff 10:43
Alright. So what’s that approximate cost per match? Do we have that?

Glen Marie Hamilton 10:46
Yeah, so the approximate cost per match is $1500 for the first year, and that does include their recruitment aspect of debate, the orientation, the volunteer and then it also includes that part for the family as well- the interview and orientation for the family.

Jordan Ostroff 11:02
Alright, so we’re only $450,000 away from matching everyone on the waiting list.

Glen Marie Hamilton 11:08
Yes, let’s do it.

Jordan Ostroff 11:09
Wink wink wink nudge nudge, it’s Giving Tuesday. And- but obviously, I mean, you know, I don’t think we expect anybody to give $450,000. That would be awesome.

Glen Marie Hamilton 11:18
That would be awesome!

Jordan Ostroff 11:18
But, you know, what’s the, I mean, what’s the smallest that somebody can give?

Glen Marie Hamilton 11:23
Really, whatever, you know, we, I like to say, you know, give a meaningful gift, whatever a meaningful gift means to you. It’s different for everyone. Everyone has a different capacity. But you know, even if it’s, if you maybe set an annual goal you can give monthly as well, you know, so whether it’s a maybe $100 monthly, $50, whatever you can do, but, you know, you could always break down whatever the goal is that you want to give into a monthly, monthly payment.

Jordan Ostroff 11:51
I mean even, you know, 10 people, $10 a month, that’s pretty much a match a year right there.

Glen Marie Hamilton 11:56
Yeah, yep. 10 friends, $10 a month.

Jordan Ostroff 11:58
Yeah. Okay. So let’s say you know, I don’t think any of our listeners would fail the background check but obviously, I mean, that’s a decent commitment to, you know, to somebody else for at least a year, but ideally for five years, 10 years, 12 years, you know, a lifetime. What are some of the other things that people can do to get involved and help out?

Glen Marie Hamilton 12:17
Yeah, so people, they can be on our board. They could be on board committees or even event committees like Jordan, along with one of our other board members, they are co-chairs for our golf tournament. So you know, if golf is your thing, or if you like Gala’s and dressing up, we also have a gala committee. Volunteers from a professional aspect, they could also volunteer their services. So if it’s someone maybe who does photography or videography, they can volunteer their time and do those services for us because those are things that, you know, we need on a day to day. Also someone could do classes for our bigs or parents or littles. Things that they so like, yoga, you know, pro bono, like yoga kind of thing for our matches. And so we’re always open to hearing new ideas about how we can be involved with the community.

Jordan Ostroff 13:11
Alright, so let’s break that up a little bit more. So, I mean, we’ll talk about the events, I think, in more detail at the end as we go through that. But other than that, I mean, so we’re, we’re looking for people to donate events or activities for the littles and big to do. Is that right?

Glen Marie Hamilton 13:26
Yeah, that could be one of the ways that we get community partners

Jordan Ostroff 13:30
And I know we have, we usually have quite a bit of Orlando City tickets, Magic tickets, UCF tickets. We’ll have, I know on Mondays there’s usually a nice post about some of the stuff that happened over the weekend with some of our littles and bigs.

Glen Marie Hamilton 13:42

Jordan Ostroff 13:43
Are there any other specific donations of that kind that we’re looking for? Or just whatever it is, there’s enough bigs and littles to find?

Glen Marie Hamilton 13:51
Yeah, just anything. I mean, yeah. As Jordan stated, We have, you know, 210 matches and so all of the matches have different interests, anything from like art. So some really love the Nutcracker, you know, some prefer basketball. You know, we’re doing a college tour with Valencia Downtown in Nov- on Monday. So we always find- whatever activity it is, we can find, you know, matches or families to attend that because it’ll be someone’s interest.

Jordan Ostroff 14:22
I know we’ve also tried to set up like going over to one of the hospitals and you know, following around the people or going over to the courthouse and kind of seeing a day.

Glen Marie Hamilton 14:30
Yeah, that, that would, that would be a great opportunity for littles who have never seen anyone in that profession. We had one a few months ago with an architecture firm, and they had a hands-on activity with the littles and the kids really, really enjoyed that because those are careers that they don’t always have access to or get the behind the scenes part on, you know, ever so.

Jordan Ostroff 14:57
We should have had some come for this. They could have seen what it’s like to be podcast host for an hour.

Glen Marie Hamilton 15:01
It’s school time.

Jordan Ostroff 15:03
Oh, yeah, that’s true. I always forget about that. You know, we have a couple other events coming up for you know, a lunch and whatnot and we keep talking about finding littles who aren’t in school because we don’t want to pull them out of school at one o’clock in the afternoon

Glen Marie Hamilton 15:14
After child saftey, education is second.

Jordan Ostroff 15:17
Yeah, that’s true. Alright, so we’ve got the potential to donate events. Obviously, there’s the potential to donate money as well. And then you mentioned there’s also the, the time donation for anybody who’s photographers, videographers. I know we’ve talked to some different marketing companies about helping, you know, get the message out there. What else are we looking for along those lines?

Glen Marie Hamilton 15:41
Oh, man, even maybe like therapists that would want to provide services to families. Sometimes we have families that are, you know, just borderline so it’s, you know, they don’t, they don’t get Medicaid, but you know, they, the services aren’t free for them. And so sometimes those things are what they need. Either therapy, doctors, whatever it may be.

Jordan Ostroff 16:07
Gotcha. I know, we’ve also talked to some financial advisors about doing a financial literacy type class and whatever.

Glen Marie Hamilton 16:14
Yeah, that would be awesome. That one would be geared towards adults. I’d love to even have somewhat- something for our volunteers. So we want to show volunteer appreciation all the time. So something for our volunteers to go to, maybe even how being a volunteer and taxes, maybe how that can go together? Or even someone who’d be willing to host like a happy hour for, for volunteers.

Jordan Ostroff 16:40
And when you say volunteers, what’s- what do you mean by volunteers?

Glen Marie Hamilton 16:43
Yeah, our volunteer banks or, you know, whoever volunteers with us. Board members, whatever they can find how maybe the- when it comes to tax time, how being a volunteer can, can go into that.

Jordan Ostroff 16:58
Gotcha. Are there other opportunities to volunteer, not as time intensive as being on the board or being a big?

Glen Marie Hamilton 17:06
Well, there’s the committees so, you know, being in the event committees, that’s usually like, you know, obviously like a time, sorting with time, since when you know the event is and then after the event you’re pretty much done. There are also like one day volunteer opportunities. So, we have our gift away coming up, which is where our littles receive a Christmas gift. This year, it’s on December 7. And so, for that event, we have, we have one day volunteers. And then also for our family picnic, the same thing. We have one day volunteers for those opportunities.

Jordan Ostroff 17:42
Gotcha. So this will be dropping on Tuesday, the, December 3?

Glen Marie Hamilton 17:45

Jordan Ostroff 17:46
Giving Tuesday. Wink wink nudge nudge, Giving Tuesday. So our event for the giveaway would be that Saturday, four days later. Okay. Can you talk to me about the history of Giving Tuesday? I know we had a board meeting last night and I know you passed around a sheet for- it’s probably in my bag still, if we need to actually pull the numbers, but I know you had a little rundown of the history of Giving Tuesday.

Glen Marie Hamilton 18:08
Yeah, I believe, it was in 2012, I believe, when it was founded. And some of the statistics were like that 13 or 31% of giving happens in December, which is really interesting. And I believe 13% of that happens the last three days of the year. Why do you think that is Jordan?

Jordan Ostroff 18:31
Because people want their taxes to be lowered by donating to a nonprofit. But also people want to feel happy going into the New Year.

Glen Marie Hamilton 18:39
Of course, and that’s a, that’s a big time. Everyone has new year’s resolutions, they, you know, want to give more, feel better, do better. So, yeah.

Jordan Ostroff 18:50
So instead of giving somebody that coffee mug or the extra pair of socks or something else that they may not necessarily use or may not necessarily need, you could donate the money instead to a very good cause.

Glen Marie Hamilton 19:01
Yes, definitely.

Jordan Ostroff 19:02
Wink wink nudge nudge it’s Giving Tuesday. Alright, um, anything else that we need to cover before we go in a little bit more detail about some of the upcoming events?

Glen Marie Hamilton 19:11
No, I think we got it all.

Jordan Ostroff 19:12
All right, so let’s talk about the events. Obviously, this dropping on December 3, we’ve got the gift away, but that’s really more for littles, to make sure that they get a Christmas, I mean, for some of them, their only gift, or their biggest gift.

Glen Marie Hamilton 19:26

Jordan Ostroff 19:27
And so who’s partnered up with us for that event?

Glen Marie Hamilton 19:30
Oh, we have some amazing partners. So Target is our top sponsor for the event. We also have banks who their companies contribute to the, for the event.

Jordan Ostroff 19:47
Well, I just I love the concept of even, I mean, obviously, I’m not playing with their toys, but going through Target and the amount of toys that Target donates, and just like filling up multiple people’s cars, to drive them to give them these kids. I mean, that’s, that’s always one of my favorite things to see. Just the, the overwhelmingly wonderful amount of toys and then the look on the kids faces as they-

Glen Marie Hamilton 20:07
And the parents are so so so appreciative. You know, it’s, for some of them, you know, they even in August like, hey, when is the gift away happening this year? You know, for some parents, it’s really tough. Christmas is a really tough time of year for them. So

Jordan Ostroff 20:22
Yeah, no, of course. All right. And so then I know we’ve also got an event that Chris is putting on for us a little bit for that, have a lunch the day prior to, I think that kind of rounds out the, the end of 2019 for us, but obviously you’ve got a bunch of stuff in 2020.

Glen Marie Hamilton 20:38

Jordan Ostroff 20:39
All right. So talk to me, what do we have going on in 2020 that people can donate money to, attend, volunteer at, etc?

Glen Marie Hamilton 20:45
Yeah, so we have our gala, which is on March 7 at the Rosen Shingle Creek. We’re very excited for that event. It is our second annual gala. So we’re really excited for that event. You know, we’re going to be honoring two community members that-

Jordan Ostroff 21:05
We can’t tell you who yet.

Glen Marie Hamilton 21:06
Yeah, we’re not going to tell you yet.

Jordan Ostroff 21:07
It’s a surprise to them, not a surprise to us but to them.

Glen Marie Hamilton 21:11
And then we’re going to be honoring our bigs of the year. So also during Giving Tuesday on our social media, we’re going to be announcing who our bigs of the year are for each county, our big brother and big sister and then at the gala we’re going to announce our overall big of the year for the agency. So that’s really what that gala is about. It’s really exciting. It’s a really great time and it’s so cute to see the littles, you know, that come with their parent you know all dressed up and everything so it’s-

Jordan Ostroff 21:41
it’s a super fancy Gala.

Glen Marie Hamilton 21:43

Jordan Ostroff 21:43
At a nice hotel.

Glen Marie Hamilton 21:44

Jordan Ostroff 21:45
What are some of the things, maybe people can buy tickets, they can buy tables, or?

Glen Marie Hamilton 21:48
Yeah, they can be sponsors. There are different sponsor levels. They can buy a table. Be a, you know, title sponsor, that would also get them, force them in our golf tournament, which is also that Rosen in June.

Jordan Ostroff 22:05
But outside.

Glen Marie Hamilton 22:07
But outside.

Jordan Ostroff 22:08
Which hopefully it’ll be wonderful at a Shingle Creek. Obviously, like Glen Marie said, I’m co-chairing this so I’m a little, I’m a little biased. Extra biased, biased overall, even extra bias for the golf tournament.

Glen Marie Hamilton 22:20
But can I say, I’m not a big fan of golf, but the golf tournament is one of my favorite events. I love- everyone always has a good time.

Jordan Ostroff 22:28
Well, charity golf is really just drinking outside.

Glen Marie Hamilton 22:33
Maybe that’s why they’re having- but I have a good time and I don’t drink.

Jordan Ostroff 22:36
Oh, well, then. I don’t know what to tell you. So, so the golf tournament, that will be June 12?

Glen Marie Hamilton 22:43
June 12.

Jordan Ostroff 22:44
Yeah. And so what opportunities are there for people to sponsor a 10, volunteer, etc at the golf tournament?

Glen Marie Hamilton 22:50
Yeah, so there’s breakfast sponsor, lunch sponsor. Then there’s the birdie sponsor, and then you can also buy a foursome for the event.

Jordan Ostroff 23:02
All right, and so I know we’ll attach the, probably the one sheets to this, which will have all the actual number breakdowns. We’ll also attach the link to go ahead and donate. But yeah no, shameless plug for the golf tournament so you can do a foursome, that’s $500 if you do, if you sign up before December 31.

Glen Marie Hamilton 23:19
Early bird pricing, yeah.

Jordan Ostroff 23:20
So when this drops, you’ll have four weeks to come up with that. Or, for $750, you can do birdie sponsorship, which would do a foursome plus having a sign up for yourself, for your business. Or, for $1,000 by December 31, you can exclusively sponsor a hole and that’ll give you the chance to set up. So I’ll tell you right now, Jordan Law will be there. We’ll have a nice tan, we’ll be giving out extra probably booze, maybe some other fun stuff as well. And some, some good swag at the tent. And then obviously we’ve got the breakfast sponsor, the lunch sponsor, the overall sponsor, and those are going to be higher numbers that will be attached on this.

Glen Marie Hamilton 23:56

Jordan Ostroff 23:56
So I know, alright, so those are our two main ones, the gala and the golf tournament so far. What, I know we’ve got a bowling event as well?

Glen Marie Hamilton 24:05
Yeah, so we have our Bowl for Kids’ Sake events. So that one is, it’s a national event that many, many, many Big Brothers Big Sisters has, Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies, have across the country. And so that one is more peer to peer. So, you know, it’s- you don’t buy a ticket or anything. So you make a team online, it is in February, February 22, I believe, at Boardwalk Bowl in Orlando. And so that one, you share your story about you know why you want to be a part of the event, and it’s called peer to peer fundraising, so you share your story via text, email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever it is, and then folks can donate to your team.

Jordan Ostroff 24:45
And I know there’s a, there’s supposed to be a little friendly competition in there, right? We have the lawyers bowl against other lawyers, accountants against other accountants, whatever.

Glen Marie Hamilton 24:54
People really want bragging rights, and I mean, this is a perfect time to get those bragging rights.

Jordan Ostroff 24:59
So, walk me through what that looks like because obviously I mean we’re gonna, we’re gonna challenge somebody. There’s some sucker other firm out there that’s going down in bowling because you know I can somewhat throw a ball straight sporadically here and there.

Glen Marie Hamilton 25:12
No bumpers, Jordan.

Jordan Ostroff 25:13
No, no bumpers. Bumpers mess me up. You know, it makes you, it gives you that over, over- that inappropriate feeling that you’re not going to miss. You need the danger of the gutters.

Glen Marie Hamilton 25:24
No, thank you.

Jordan Ostroff 25:25
So how does that work? They’re- the bowl, the bowl off among different organizations?

Glen Marie Hamilton 25:30
Yeah, so it would just be- we can pair the organizations that are kind of in that little friendly competition all next to each other. During the event, it’s one hour of regular bowling and then the other hour is cosmic bowling. And then we use the, and you know, everyone plays a little quick, some quicker, some a little slower. So what we do is we use the bowling alley and we keep track of you know, who’s the winner for each, for each category and they get bragging rights.

Jordan Ostroff 26:00
So you can have multiple, it doesn’t have to be one versus one?

Glen Marie Hamilton 26:02
Yeah, you can have multiple.

Jordan Ostroff 26:04
Alright so, several other law firms out there, we’re gonna, we’re going to challenge you to a bowl off.

Glen Marie Hamilton 26:08

Jordan Ostroff 26:10
The winner gets bragging rights and the losers get the benefit of donating money towards a great cause.

Glen Marie Hamilton 26:15
Yeah, and the awesome part about this is, you know, in Tallahassee we did this event and people did so many different things to, to raise money so like especially within an office setting they would have like, you know, hat day where people could pay to wear a hat or like a hot chocolate bar where people can, you know, like a hot chocolate competition. They had different hot chocolates, people can pay and then the money that they pay would go towards their Bowl for Kids’ Sake team so all to a worthy cause. Yeah.

Jordan Ostroff 26:45
So you can start now.

Glen Marie Hamilton 26:46

Jordan Ostroff 26:46
For February and have fun days. Casual Fridays if the people donate a couple bucks, something like that. Excellent. All right. Same for that, we’ll, you know, we’ll attach the one sheet, we’ll attach the sign up things. Any other events that we want to talk about? There may not be any.

Glen Marie Hamilton 27:05
Yeah, I don’t think so.

Jordan Ostroff 27:06
All right, we got three major ones. So that gets us through about June. But obviously in between that, you know, any sort of corporate donations, individual donations, you know, other volunteer events come up. If there’s other opportunities that come around, then I know I’ll be sharing it on my Facebook and we’ll probably do some follow ups as well on the firm page.

Glen Marie Hamilton 27:25
Yeah. And you’ve been such a great advocate for us since you’ve joined the board so thank you.

Jordan Ostroff 27:30
Glen’s only saying that because I paid her a bunch of money to say it and brought her on the podcast. No I, look, you know, I tell everybody the same thing. And most people agree with me and and some don’t, you know, we look at Orlando as oh, we’ve got Disney, oh, we’ve got Universal, we’ve got SeaWorld. It’s the happiest place on earth. But then when you really get down to it, it’s a wonderful city, but it’s a wonderful city with a median income of like $40,000 for a family of four. And so, and for a lot of that, that’s, you know, one parent in the house. That’s one parent working multiple jobs, that’s whatever it is along those lines. So, you know, I just, I’ve always looked at Big Brothers Big Sisters as a great opportunity for- well actually, let me backup. I’ve always looked at it as, we’ve had a number of clients back when I was, well, when I was a prosecutor, I prosecuted a number of people and my wife was a public defender, she had a bunch of clients that were here, but for not having a single mentor, a single positive influence, a single role model. And so, you know, I’d like to think that I went easy on those people or try to get them into programs or the help that they needed that they didn’t get beforehand. And then obviously, now we’re in a much better position to help those people directly but a lot of times you’re helping people that it’s already gone too far. And so you know, an organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters, you can get somebody at six, eight, ten, 12. Yeah. And, and just to see, I mean, I’m sure if you sat down and you looked at every single person who’s come through the program versus what the normal statistics are on any sort of crime, any sort of poverty, anything along those lines, we would be beating those numbers left and right just because a lot of these kids just don’t realize that they do have a chance. They do have a way out, they can better themselves. So there’s nothing holding them back except themselves and the fact that they don’t have anybody to look at and so it’s crazy to see the impact that one person can have on all these kids’ lives.

Glen Marie Hamilton 29:20
Oh, yeah, I truly truly truly believe that. Just one person.

Jordan Ostroff 29:24
Yeah, well and I love, you know, there, there’s other mentorship programs, there’s other group ones, there’s ones with schools, but I mean, this is that, that one on one personal touch and just to see the photos from the weekends, to hear the stories, really from a lot of times, it’s from the littles’ parents.

Glen Marie Hamilton 29:41

Jordan Ostroff 29:41
It just like, it makes me want to cry in a good way, a good cry.

Glen Marie Hamilton 29:45
I’ve heard some great stuff throughout the year, my years here and seen some amazing things with our littles graduating and you know, it, that’s why, that’s what keeps me going in this. You know, that’s definitely what- I know the impact and so I, I want to keep that impact going to more kids.

Jordan Ostroff 30:09
Hey, 210 current matches, and 305 waiting on matches so we can more than double the numbers if the money’s there

Glen Marie Hamilton 30:18
How much was it? 400 what?

Jordan Ostroff 30:19
$450,000 away. I mean, that would get us 300 people off the list. So there’s still be those five kids, but I feel like we’d make it work if we, if we got there.

Glen Marie Hamilton 30:27

Jordan Ostroff 30:28
So any other stories you can share? You know, some of the personal stuff or some of the stories of some of our bigs or whatever it is just to really pull on those people’s heartstrings before I make, you know, one more over the top pitch.

Glen Marie Hamilton 30:43
You know, it’s, I presented in front of a rotary group a few weeks ago and a question that I got was why do people volunteer? Why do people give their time or their money? And, and my response was a lot of times when people either donate or you know, volunteer their time to be a bank or on the board, it’s because they understand the importance of mentoring. So it’s either, they had a mentor themselves and they want to be that for someone else, or they didn’t have a mentor and so they know what it feels like not to have a mentor, and they don’t want someone else to go through that. So it’s, it’s a really great opportunity. I know like myself, you know, I, I consider myself to be one of those, when I was growing up to be one of those kids, you know, low income, single parent, incarcerated parent. And so, you know, I had, I was lucky enough to have a cousin in my life who was that mentor for me, and it wasn’t until, sometimes it takes a few years for you to realize that someone was you know, your mentor, you know, someone, especially someone in your family, but I look back and I’m like, wow, this is the person I wanted to be like, she was the first to go to college. And, you know, she taught me how to bake and I still love baking and just little things like that. So having a mentor is so important, so important.

Jordan Ostroff 31:59
So and it, you know, it’s interesting that you mentioned that because on Monday, I went to a conference that Damon John spoke at that from Shark Tank. And so there had, it did like an interview with the guy who’s running the conference. And he’s going through all this stuff and very, very funny guy, very interesting guy. But somebody asked him a question, something like, you know, what’s the most important thing that somebody can do? Or what’s the, what’s the biggest thing that you contribute your success to? Something along those lines. And he said, having mentors. He’s like, and even now, you know, I’m on, he’s like, I’m on Shark Tank, I run all these companies, all this stuff, I still have a ton of mentors. He’s like, so I try to mentor other people but I still have mentors.

Glen Marie Hamilton 32:34

Jordan Ostroff 32:35
And it really- yeah, it’s just, you know, it’s interesting. And then I, you know, I’m in an interesting spot, having been an attorney for you know, just under 10 years, so I qualify to be a mentor and qualify to be a mentee. And it’s funny because like, sometimes I feel like I teach more to some of my mentors and learn more from some of my mentees. I can only imagine, you know what a lot of our bigs and littles are going through with that, you know, a very, a very young age and a very, an age where they’re very sort of impressionable, I guess, but in, but in a good way. You know, being impressed upon them, here’s somebody who’s made it, here’s somebody who was a little and now is a big and has a wonderful job and has a family and you know, I can do it too.

Glen Marie Hamilton 33:20
Yep. Completely agree.

Jordan Ostroff 33:22
All right. So with that, well actually before we do that, so how do people get in touch or how do people stay in touch with us? What’s the best way for them to do that? I know we’ve got a Facebook page.

Glen Marie Hamilton 33:34
We have Facebook: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida. We have Instagram: @BBBS_CFL. Our website CFLBigs.org. We also have a general email that goes to a few of us so it’s Info@BBBSCFL.org.

Jordan Ostroff 33:55

Glen Marie Hamilton 33:58
Big Brothers Big Sisters Central Florida.

Jordan Ostroff 34:00
Alright, and that’s, that’s the website, that’s the Instagram BBBS_CFL. Then obviously on Facebook, just make sure you’re following the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida page. There’s the net- follow nationwide page as well. There’s also other local ones but the Central Florida one is us. And then there’s also, we have a young professionals.

Glen Marie Hamilton 34:22
Yep, rising professional group.

Jordan Ostroff 34:23
Rising professionals. So what is that rising professionals? What’s the group called?

Glen Marie Hamilton 34:28
I think of Central Central Florida.

Jordan Ostroff 34:29
Of Central Florida? Okay. So you can find that as well.

Glen Marie Hamilton 34:33
And that’s open to anyone as well. Happy hours or coffees, that is open to anyone who wants to be a supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Jordan Ostroff 34:42
That’s how I got involved.

Glen Marie Hamilton 34:43

Jordan Ostroff 34:43
So they did an event over at Rock Pit Brewing. Very, very good people, very great beer, wonderful place. And they do a ton for Big Brothers Big Sisters and other organizations.

Glen Marie Hamilton 34:53
Always, always, always. We love it over there.

Jordan Ostroff 34:56
So they had a nice happy hour for us. I got to meet some of the other board members and now here I am. Alright so with that being said, it is Giving Tuesday. Well, actually, I shouldn’t say that. By the time you hear this, when this drops, it will be Giving Tuesday. I would love for us to tell you that we got some giant grant to match the money, I’d love for us to tell you that I’ll personally match the money, something along those lines but we can’t. I mean, I’ll, I definitely will be donating and the law firm will be donating too but if you have the chance, the meaningful gift, recurring monthly donation, I mean, whatever it is, be wonderful. I promise not only will you feel great about yourself for doing it, but it will go towards a phenomenal cause.

Glen Marie Hamilton 35:36
Yeah, thank you.

Jordan Ostroff 35:38
No problem. Anything else that you want to add?

Glen Marie Hamilton 35:41
No, just you know, if you, if you decide to donate, we greatly appreciate any meaningful gift. But also I would say that, you know, anyone can be an advocate for our cause. Even if you can’t donate right now, you can’t be a volunteer, or on a committee right now, anyone could always be an advocate for the cause. Just talking about our program. You can go on our website, see the impact that we have here in Central Florida. But, yeah, anyone can be an advocate for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Jordan Ostroff 36:11
Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully Facebook will let me attach a donation link to this. If not, we’ll have it in the bottom of it. And even if you can’t, you know, even just sharing, sharing this post, sharing other posts, you can create a post and put a donation link through Facebook, just again, make sure it goes to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida. If it goes to the national chapter, it will still go to a wonderful place, but not as geographically close to you of a wonderful place as if it comes directly to us. All right. Well, thank you so much for joining us.

Glen Marie Hamilton 36:44
Thank you for having me.

Narrator 36:50
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