Whenever you are part of a car accident, it clouds your judgment and sometimes you do things that in hindsight, you should have never done. If you hit a truck and left the scene, can you get convicted even if the truck is not plated or insured?

Read along as we discuss what steps you have to do if you hit a truck that does not have plates or are uninsured. 

What is a hit and run?

A hit and run happens when a driver leaves the scene of the accident without providing his contact information to the other party or leaves the scene of a serious accident before the police officers arrive. 

If you hit a parked car or truck and didn’t leave your contact information through a note or try to find the owner of the car, this is considered a hit and run. It is common courtesy to extend reasonable assistance to the other party if you figured in a car accident especially if there are damages and injuries. 

At the very least, giving your contact and insurance information is expected when you figure out a car accident. Committing a hit and run has consequences and immediately is an admittance of guilt or fault. If you run away, it will be harder for insurance companies to place the blame on the other party. 

What are the consequences that you might face with a hit and run?

Even if the truck that you hit is not plated or insured, it is still somebody’s rightful property that you inflicted damage on and there will be consequences especially if the owner decides to pursue legal action against you. 

The consequences of a hit and run can vary from a misdemeanor to a penalty which means that the law takes this very seriously. The laws can vary by state but in general, if you committed a hit and run which resulted in car or property damage but no bodily injury, you can be subject to fines up to $1,000 and up to 6 months in jail. 

On the other hand, if you committed a hit and run and it resulted in bodily injury or harm to a person, you can pay up to $10,000 in fines and serve up to 4 years in prison. This is considered a felony hit and run because you caused harm to somebody and depending on the severity of the injuries, the fines and prison time might be increased especially if it resulted in death.

What should you do if you hit a parked truck and left the scene?

If you fled the scene of the accident without making an effort to leave your contact information, this is considered a hit and run. You will be considered at fault if you flee the scene of the accident, and you will be responsible for paying for the damages of the other car, which you can do so by filing a claim with our insurance company. Here are some of the things that you can do when this happens to you:

  • Talk to a personal injury lawyer right away

Talking to a legal expert about what your rights are with this specific situation is important because you will know where you stand. In consulting with the lawyer, you will receive guidance on how to go about your situation to potentially avoid paying the fines or serving time in prison. 


Personal injury lawyers are your best bet when it comes to scenarios like this because they are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to handle this situation. 


  • Contact the police

This is a nerve-wracking time and contacting the police will surely send your nerves to overdrive but it is necessary to right what you did wrong. Coming clean to the police will let them know that you are remorseful with what you did and are now able to face the consequences of your action. It is best to be truthful with the police, especially with all the details surrounding the hit and run. Admitting fault can also potentially lower the level of consequences that are handed to you. 


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