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Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a Prosecutor in Orlando, Florida from 2012-2015, Jordan prosecuted thousands of criminal cases throughout Orlando and Orange County and spent time in special units dedicated to prosecuting Driving Under the Influence Charges (DUIs), Drug Offenses, and all Misdemeanor charges.  In addition to these special units, Jordan prosecuted felonies ranging from Grand Thefts and Dealing in Stolen Property to Firearm offenses, Burglaries, Aggravated Batteries, Robberies, and even Attempted Murders. He was also responsible for handling thousands of hearings at the Orange County Jail (OCJ) dealing with setting bond amounts and terms of release from the jail. 

As part of this job, Jordan worked closely with Officers from the Orlando Police Department, Orange County Sheriff's Office, University of Central Florida Police Department, Winter Park Police Department and other law enforcement agencies in Orange County.  He also received extensive training on the Prosecution of cases from Pot Possessions, Domestic Violence and Battery offenses all the way to being trained on the proper administration of Field Sobriety Exercises and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases.  Additionally, due to his knowledge and expertise, he leads training, teaching other ASA how to handle bond hearings, and other matters as well as teaching Officers with the Orange County Sheriff's Office how to testify in court. 

Since leaving the State Attorney's Office in Orlando, Orange County he's now putting all of that knowledge and experience

to your use on your criminal defense cases because as we all know, the best defense is a good offense.

Family Law Lawyer

One of the key roles of a prosecutor in Orlando is dealing with victims in Orange, Seminole and Osceola Counties.  When it comes to Domestic Violence Injunctions and no-contact orders, the experience working with these people can be the key to your Family Law case in Orlando, Conway, WInter Park, Alatamonte Springs, Maitland and throughout Central Florida.  Furthermore, whether it's an adoption or a divorce the litigation and motion practice experience that comes with arguing hundreds of motions throughout Orange County is exactly the knowledge, experience and aggressiveness you need on your side for your Family Law case in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Brevard, Volusia and the rest of the Counties in Central Florida.

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Student Code of Conduct Hearings

Since attending the University of Central Florida (UCF) in 2006 and then Barry University School of Law in 2009, Jordan has been involved with both schools' Trial Teams. In this time, Jordan has won multiple best attorney awards while at UCF and has recently coached multiple Barry University teams to one State and several National Championships, as well as multiple finals and semi-final finishes. 

A huge component of trial team competitions is teaching undergraduate and law students how to be effective attorneys and witnesses, and then allowing them to perform in front of real attorneys and Judges across Orlando, Sanford, Tampa, Central Florida, and even outside of the United States. 

Due to the rules associated with UCF's Student Code of Conduct hearings, you are not entitled to formal representation at the hearing, but you can act as your own advocate and question the officer or officers (usually from the University of Central Florida Police Department, the Orlando Police Department or the Orange County Sheriff's Office) as well as answering the questions asked of you as if you were a witness in a formal trial.  Sometimes the questions you ask or the answers you give can be the difference between winning your student code of conduct hearing and losing your hearing at UCF. 

Let Jordan train you in that process just like he's trained dozens of other students for the past 8 years so that you stand the best shot at your own hearing. Jordan can prepare and provide questions for witnesses that focus on beneficial information for your case, create exhibits, compile documents and statutes to provide to the hearing officer, and provide outlines of statements for your defense. And, for anyone too nervous to be there by themselves, the rules do allow for an adviser to be there with you, and while the adviser cannot speak on the record, Jordan can be there with you to advise you as the case presents itself.

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