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In fact, almost half of the cases Luis handled for the state were criminal traffic offenses.  He understands that criminal traffic offenses carry serious penalties that many people do not understand.  He watched many defendants make terrible mistakes in court that could have been averted if they would have had a criminal defense attorney with them.  Luis works to ensure that none of his clients fall into those same pitfalls that come with criminal traffic cases such as license suspensions and even jail time.
Luis is not an attorney who is afraid to take cases to trial. He enjoys standing in front of a jury and zealously advocating his position. As a criminal defense attorney, he has decided to dedicate his efforts to protect the rights and interest of his clients. He will go the extra mile to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your case because he knows that the best defense is a good offense!

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Originally from Miami, FL, Luis Herrera has always had a passion for the law. He got his first taste of what life as a lawyer would be a member of his high school's mock trial team at Felix Varela Senior High. Later, during his time at Florida International University, he remained involved with that team as its coach, educating and equipping high school students with the tools necessary to compete at high levels. His love of the law brought him to Central Florida to attend law school at Barry University where he quickly made a name for himself.  He was a part of two national and one state championship wins, and won two best advocate awards as well. He was the law school's trial team president his final year and was awarded the schools best advocate award in 2015. He is now one of the coaches for Barry Law.

Luis decided to become a prosecutor after law school. He handled thousands of cases during his service for the Miami-Dade and Orange County State Attorney’s Office.  During this time, he learned the process by which prosecutors build their cases and now uses his skill set to help you take down the case built against you. In his time, Luis worked extensively on DUIs, assault, and batteries, loitering by a sex offender as well as No Valid DLs, Driving with License Suspended and other traffic violations.

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