Jordan Ostroff and Heather Trick Named Rising Stars

Every year the team at Super Lawyers puts out two lists of amazing attorneys across the country.

Super Lawyers are those who have set themselves apart in the legal community. These are attorneys who have been practicing for years and are usually at the top of mind when anyone in the local community thinks about their particular practice.

Rising Stars are those who are new to practicing law in a given location but who have set themselves apart from others in the legal field and in their practice area. While these lawyers haven’t yet established themselves as the best attorneys in the field, they have all shown themselves as positive examples of what an attorney should be.

Jordan Ostroff – Rising Star

We’re honored that our Managing Partner, Jordan Ostroff, has been named to the Rising Stars list from Super Lawyers. Because of his hard work serving his Criminal Law clients he has been honored with this designation for the past three years.

His continued dedication to being the best advocate for his clients and his high expectations for himself and the attorneys working at Jordan Law have earned him this honored title. He will continue to respect the legal tradition and ensure that he promotes a positive view of lawyers throughout Florida.

Heather Trick – Rising Star

Our other founding partner, Heather Trick has also been honored with the Rising Star attribution. This is her second year being so honored and is particularly appreciated given her hard work raising a one-year-old while still aggressively defending her clients’ interests.