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  • What happens in a Paternity Action?

The court determines the legal father of a child. This may or may not be the biological father of the child.
​To make the paternity determination, the court considers factors such as:
1. Marriage of the mother
2. Birth Certificate
3. Biology
4. And most important of all, "The Best Interest of the Child"

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  • Can Paternity be terminated?
    If you are not the biological father of a child, you may have options to terminate duties to pay child support. In limited circumstances, the court may order that someone is no longer the legal father of a child and no longer obligated to pay any child support. Note by terminating paternity, the petitioning party loses the ability to request visitation or custody of the child.

    Paternity Actions often include long and frustrating legal actions and court rulings. To learn more about your rights, obligations, and options in a Paternity Action, call Jordan Law Today.

​Paternity Claims

In Florida, courts can make decisions about child support, custody, visitation, ability to travel and many other aspects of a child's life. Depending on your legal parental status, you may be able to influence the court's ruling if you have first established legal Paternity over the child. We specialize in Florida Paternity Law and with that, understanding Paternity rights and claims can make the difference. So let us help you understand your Paternity Action.


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​What you need to know

  • What is Paternity?
    Paternity is the established state of being a parent, usually referring to the father.

  • Who can file a Paternity Action?
    1. The mother of the child
    2. Any man who believes himself to the biological father
    3. The child in question
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