The attorneys at Jordan Law have handled thousands of cases throughout Central Florida. We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly and directly address problems that other law firms won’t touch. One of those areas in with Academic Hearings. Having worked with and in the educational system we understand exactly how that system works, sometimes even better than the teachers and administrators themselves.

We have trained 100+ students on how to be witnesses and lawyers – the exact skills you will need when you have a Student Code of Conduct Hearing. Don’t go it alone, let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you. We can help you prove that the Best Defense is a Good Offense.

Whether you are faced with a Title IX investigation, UCF Golden Rule Hearing, Rollins Academic Honor Code case, or a similar hearing at another school, there are some very important things you need to know.  Read over this page and then give us a call to discuss your case in more detail at (407) 906-JLAW (5529).

The Schools Protect Themselves

Universities and Colleges hold a lot of power over your future. Under their Student Codes of Conduct, universities regulate and control the behavior of their students to protect their reputation and help students successfully obtain their education. When there is an allegation of a Title IX violation, or students are alleged to violate the Student Conduct Code, they are subject to a hearing process and potential punishment by the school.

Title IX investigations involve anything that prevents someone from getting a full education based upon their gender.  The most common example is for sports teams, schools have to have an equal number of scholarships.  However, we also see these cases when someone alleges they cannot attend school because of being stalked after a bad break up, or a similar violation of personal autonomy in, what should be a safe, public space.

Although conduct violations often result from arrests and criminal charges, you may also face punishment for non-criminal behaviors like misconduct at university activities, disruptive behavior, alcohol or student residence violations. If you have been accused of any type of violation within the university, public, or private school system, then we can assist you. Let us help you navigate the confusing morass of policies and procedures.


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Academic Attorneys in Orlando Discuss Possible Consequences

Title IX investigations by themselves do not carry the traditional consequences for the student.  These investigations are for the school (UCF, Rollins, etc.) to look into a matter to limit the school’s liability. However, these investigations can often lead to a Golden Rule Violations or an Academic Honor Code Hearing because during the investigation the school gathers evidence about the matter and refers the case on.

Sometimes this is because the student will admit to something during the interview that will open them up to academic punishment. Never go into an interview alone. Even if you know you did nothing wrong, you need to ensure you don’t inadvertently or accidentally say something that could land you in trouble. Always take an attorney to help you avoid mistakenly saying something that can harm your academic career.

Violations of the student code of conduct can result in a wide spectrum of consequences, varying from warnings to expulsion from school. Although expulsion is usually reserved for the most serious or repeated violations, other punishments may seriously endanger your ability to complete school and apply for future job opportunities. Code of conduct hearing officers has the power to revoke your campus housing, scholarships, university employment, and involvement in school activities, as well as place you on probation and subject you to further monitoring by the conduct office. Additionally, your disciplinary record may affect your applications for graduate programs, transferring education and professional licensing.



If you are facing an academic hearing, suspension, or another issue with your Florida school and need an experienced attorney to assist you, then please contact us. Our lawyers are ready to help you out with your situation and are waiting to discuss it with you today.