The rules and procedure around using other people’s work in your creation

Have you ever used someone else’s image on a blog post? Is the music on your YouTube video your own creation? Have you copied and pasted text from another article? Then you might be violating someone’s copyright.

The rules that surround copyright in the U.S. are many and varied. From the CTEA, to the DMCA they cover everything from artistic creations to tractor engines. And with the passing of GDPR and new copyright laws in the EU, there are even more areas that content creators and hosts must to do ensure the protection of the original creator.

Our Marketing Director, Mark Miller, gave this talk to the Coffee and Content meetup group at On Target Media in April of 2019. He spoke in front of a group of around 20 creators, webmasters, and other digital creators.

If you have questions about how copyright might affect the content you’re creating then you should give the video a watch and follow along with the SlideShare. If you have specific questions about the content you’ve created or are in charge of, contact our Business Attorneys. We can walk you through your situation and protect your interests.

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