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Welcome to the Let’s Get Up To Business Podcast where you’ll find some great advice from business owners, service providers, and area experts about how to build your business. Whether you’ve just started your company, or have been running it for years and need some new ideas, we can offer you insight and a new way to look at the problems you’re having.

In our weekly show, Jordan Ostroff, one of the founding partners of the firm, will speak with someone in the Orlando area about how they created their business. Throughout the discussion, they’ll go through how the interviewee grew their company, why they got into that area of business, and what advice they have to new and growing businesses on how to be a success.

Jordan will also talk to service providers about how they can assist those growing companies in increasing their efficiency, protecting their assets, and adding more clients. The providers we talk to will focus on making sure your company has the tools and access you need to continue to grow.

With regular tips on small business marketing, process streamlining, and including automation into your work processes, the Let’s Get Up To Business podcast is built around helping you succeed.

Let's Get Up to Business Podcast

How To Navigate Insurance Policies Like a Pro – Let’s Get Up To Business: Episode 37

By |February 6th, 2020|

LET'S GET UP TO BUSINESS Tina Craft of Fringe Benefits Insurance is usually a dry and boring subject that people only want to deal with once a year. When you have a professional like Tina Craft or Fringe Benefits helping you navigate your policy, it can be interesting and exciting. In this [...]

Setting up your Company for Financial Success with Michael Clark of Let’s Talk Future Radio – Let’s Get Up To Business: Episode 36

By |February 5th, 2020|

LET'S GET UP TO BUSINESS Micheal Clark of Let's Talk Future Radio Making sure your company is on the right financial footing is one of the basics that many entrepreneurs miss. In this week's episode, Jordan sits down with Michael Clark of Let's Talk Future Radio to discuss some of the tips [...]

How to Merge Your Company and Another with Aaron Paul – Let’s Get Up To Business: Episode 34

By |February 5th, 2020|

LET'S GET UP TO BUSINESS Aaron Paul of Solutions Group Wealth Jordan sits down with Aaron Paul of Solutions Group Wealth to discuss his recent merger with another company. They discuss some of the ways Aaron looked into the company before they merged, some of the reasons for the merge, and some [...]


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